Tracon for International Guests

Tracon is a Finnish convention for role-playing game and anime/manga enthusiasts. The 13th annual event will be held from Friday, September 7th to Sunday, September 9th 2018, at Tampere Hall in Tampere, Finland.

The expected attendance is 6000 people, making Tracon the largest rpg/anime convention in Finland. Tracon is thoroughly organized by volunteers, gathered together by the mutual interest in its topics.

We're happy to offer a wide range of activities and programme for the overlapping fandoms:

  • Role-playing games (table-top, live action, online), board games, card games and strategy games, medieval times and history entactment
  • Anime and manga, cosplay, Japanese music and dance, contemporary Japanese culture

The theme for Tracon 2018 is Horror, and it will be reflected in various programmes and shows throughout the event.

Guests of Honor

  • 2018 Guy Sclanders (South Africa), Enayla Cosplay (USA)
  • 2017 Angel Leigh McCoy (USA) and Chris Huelsbeck (USA)
  • 2016 Jennifer Brozek (USA) and Xavier "Nostromo" Guinchard (France)
  • 2015 Jun Awazu (Japan), jim pinto (USA) and Eat Your Kimchi (Canada/South Korea)
  • 2014 Rino Mizuho (Japan), Darrell Hardy (USA), Jonne Valtonen and Roger Wanamo
  • 2013 Ross Watson (USA)
  • 2012 Yasuhiro Nakura (Japan) and Sandy Petersen (USA)
  • 2011 Yoshihiro Takahashi (Japan) and Mike Pohjola
  • 2010 Oscar Garza (USA) and Matthijs Holter (Norway)

World Cosplay Summit 2019 Preliminaries

The World Cosplay Summit 2019 Preliminaries for Finland will be held at Tracon 2018. This competition will see the best cosplayers of Finland competing for the opportunity to represent our country in World Cosplay Summit. World Cosplay Summit is the most prestigious cosplay competition in the world. Held annually in Nagoya, Japan, the competition gathers skilled cosplayers from all over the world to compete in performance and costume-making.

In addition to World Cosplay Summit Preliminaries, Tracon 2018 will host Nordic Cosplay Championships Preliminaries, a hall cosplay competition and a cosplay performance competition. As a new competition this year, we present our Cosplay Music Video competition.


Tracon offers interesting programme that includes, among other things,

  • competitions and tournaments
  • concerts and shows
  • workshops and community meetings
  • presentations, lectures and panel discussions

The complete convention schedule can be found at Kompassi. Most programmes will be conducted in Finnish, but we also have a small selection of English programme. The programmes with our special guests will be in English.

There are also various interactive activities for the participant to take part in, such as rhythm and video games, anime karaoke and table-top and live action role-playing games. Tracon offers you the perfect opportunity to spend your weekend enjoying the company of friends and like-minded new acquaintances, attending interesting lectures on roleplaying and anime or taking part in a multitude of competitions.

International Sponsors

We welcome international sponsors in our bazaar and advertising. For more information, please contact our sponsors team by email


Tracon sells tickets online, starting on the 1st of July 2018 at 6PM EEST. We're offering both whole weekend tickets and one day tickets. All tickets will be sold in advance, so no tickets can be purchased at the event. Please make sure to have your ticket before coming to the event.

Contact us

Should you have questions, suggestions or anything else you’d like to discuss with the event organizers, don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you are a member of media (author of a popular blog, news writer, etc.) you can contact us for media passes for the event. We can be reached by email at

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